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Steady, Fearless & Affectionate. The fantastically Independent, yet Calm & Gentle


It all started for us in 2010 when we purchased our first Kom. Never had I known such a dog. So strong and athletic yet gentle and kind.  When we lost him I was devastated and yet, once I could face thinking about farm life again, it was evident that we needed to replace him. There was no question - we went on the search for another Kom...

After the experiences we had and carefully consideration we decided that many more acreages and farms needed a Komondor to help and, with help from folks more knowledgeable than us, we secured two fantastically bred Koms whose bloodlines compliment.

Puppies coming September 2023

Hubbert's Doris aka Doris


Bred by Kathy McConnell, Ontario Canada.


Borzas Bojtar The Loveable aka Boris!!!

Registered CKC and AKC

Bred by Ruben Collado, New Mexico USA

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