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The Vindens

We live here. It is first and foremost our home and passion that we share with like-minded folk.

Each horses’ habits, likes and dislikes are known. By us. We care for, feed and check over the horses ourselves. A glance out of our kitchen window tells us a thousand words – who’s playing, who’s sleeping and whose inside having fun with their owners.

Originally from England, we immigrated to Canada after we got married “for a bit more room and a few less people” about a decade ago. We are horsey people, who both evented to various levels and are still very passionate about horses. After purchasing our piece of land – all that was there was a small modular home - we stripped every piece of barbed wire from the property and essentially started from scratch building the farm that you see today. We worked hard to outfit our farm with electrical, plumbing, drainage and taught ourselves building code, how to survive the cold and many other useful skills along the way. We are extremely proud of our facilities and the exceptional care we offer.

We have three young kids, a collection of dogs, some bees, chickens and, most summers, some lambs.  

We would love to help take care of your pride and joy. Contact us for a chat or to book a visit.

Contact us

Pari        403 614-0120

Matt      403 826-4100

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