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The horses that come in at night have large stalls with soft and cozy “soft stall” stall mats, automatic waters, salt blocks and get their blankets / rugs changed. They get turned out in the morning alongside the outdoor boarders. 

All the horses have the same outdoor environment of approximately 3-5 acres of Electrobraid fenced paddocks with custom built, and securely placed, horse shelters. Each has access to auto waters which are regularly cleaned, and fed quality horse hay. The horses are checked and fed hay morning and night to their individual requirements. Each horse is paired up with a companion or two in each paddock but can see the other horses too. They like to watch the comings and goings across the road at the ranch. Or lazily keep an eye on our latest project that’s taking shape in the workshop. Most horses settle in straight away and they quickly get in step with the barns routine.

And they have a beautiful view.

All horses have use of our 200’ by 80’ arena. It is not heated, but we do have the best footing this side of town [same stuff as Spruce]. It is lit by huge windows or instant and quiet LED lights. We have jumps available for use.

Call for more information.  

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